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Bass players have difficulty tuning a low-C string on a bass with an extension because of the path of the string round or through the scroll. The first few turns of the peg have no effect, then there'll be a sudden jump in pitch. That's why low-C extension owners choose to have a fine tuner fitted.

The Manson C-string tuner provides easy, accurate adjustment of the C-string.

As it is fitted between the bridge and the tailpiece (unlike traditional tuners which attach to the tailpiece) there is no need for a new C-string.

Elegant design, the anodised aluminium body makes the tuner lighter than traditional steel ones.

It is machined out of a single block, and all the outside edges are rounded to make the component smooth and nice to handle.

The simple fitting method only takes seconds.

Detune the C-string by about a quarter-tone, and hold the tuner so that the string passes over the channels of the tuner's two feet. Adjust the screw until the tuner holds itself to the string and it’s ready for use.

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Please order using the bass order form or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Manson C-string tuner for bass