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Raphael Wallfisch


"I am delighted with the wonderful end-pin designed by Tony Manson. It is the most reliable and sturdy pin in the world eliminating all problems in that area!"

Chi-Chi Nwanoku

Soloist, Chamber Musician, Teacher & Principal Bass, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

"It's been a life-saving, no-tears aid to my professional work. Gone are the days of subconsciously gripping onto my bass for fear of it slipping at any given crucial moment. Gone are the days of nasty bruises on my left shoulder from the aftermath of a blunt slipping spike. It amazes me when I see that some people STILL suffer this, when since the 'Manson Superspike' there's no need to! Keep on gripping!"

Barry Guy

Soloist and composer

"Strange things happen in bass playing. Just as I was cursing a 'runaway' endpin for the umpteenth time along came information about Tony Manson's "Superspikes". With nothing to lose I requested two spikes. One for my new Roger Dawson 5 stringer and the other for my regular French instrument. Roger fitted both, and now my days of insecurity are over.

True engineering and beautifully made and would you believe, a spare Superspike point nestling securely at the opposite end of the spike inside the bass. Hi-tech realisation of an age old problem. Incidentally Tony Manson even solved my irritation with a loosening endpin rubber by inserting a special sleeve to restrict the tendency to undo during concerts. Now everything is in place with total confidence in the Superspike and crucially: no fear of 'runaway' basses."

Charles Wall

Sub-Principal bass, CBSO

I have been using a Manson Superspike for 10 years in the CBSO and wondered why I hadn't done so for the previous 30 years!! I have total confidence that my bass will not slip when playing and I would wholeheartedly recommend the spike as "must have" for amateur and professional bass players.."

Soloist, Principal Cello, BBC Philharmonic

"I used to think that a slipping spike was just part of being a cellist. I had no idea what I was missing! Since I found Manson Superspikes, no other spike will do."